John Deere 4755 Engine Oil Pressure Problem

John Deere 4755 Engine Oil Pressure Problem Problems

I was wondering if this has happened to anyone before. I was moving my tractor (JD 4755) from field to field and as I was going down the road the “STOP- Engine Oil Pressure” light came on. I stopped and stopped immediately. After a bit of troubleshooting I put a manual gauge on the shipping unit site and it confirmed my fears – 0 PSI. There was no sound change or engine working sounds, just the light immediately lit up with the hum.

Any idea what could have happened? I spoke to my JD technician and he is stumped why he didn’t do some major damage by running wide with no oil pressure. Do you think this would be an important solution, or could it be something simple?

The same light on our 4760 was turned on a few times in one day this spring. I bought one of those manual gauges like the ones I have on my old Chevy truck and put it on. There was pressure right away and it stayed around 50 or more. I put a new sensor on it and have had no problems again.

I don’t know why the JD engineers wouldn’t put some kind of oil pressure gauge on the dash like the 30 and 40 series.

Assuming the pressure loss was immediate, and you turned it off right away, and given the fact that I wasn’t working very hard at the time, I suspect you didn’t damage anything.

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