John Deere 4755 Transmission filter issues

John Deere 4755 Transmission filter issues Problems

We bought a used 4955 which is our only green. Tractor runs fine, but has started to have a problem with the transmission filter light coming on. We changed the filter and found metal filings on the filter. After a few days the same problem. I have been told that it may be a brake or transmission problem. How can I diagnose the problem?

The metal in the filter can come from many areas. The most common would be the brakes. I would drain the oil and remove the screen from the crankcase. If there is any debris on the screen, identifying it is the best way to isolate the problem. The other thing you have to do is make sure everything works in the transmission, the PTO, the differential and the hydraulics. Do you have any strange noises? Are all gears working well without slipping under load? Does the PTO work with a heavy load without slipping? Does the PTO stop properly? Does the differential lock work?
When you remove the screen, if there are debris, take a photo and post it. I will help you identify them. The grille is located at the rear of the rear filter. There is a large steel tube that goes into the side of the transmission. Remove that tube to access the grate. At the front end of that tube is a small piece of aluminum that is held in place with three screws. You will need a 13mm wrench. The rear end of the tubing is held by a snap ring. Remove the retaining ring and take out the tube and then the screen.

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